How to sell your images on Facebook with the MorePhotos Facebook App

  1. Login to
  2. Search for MorePhotos App via the Facebook search tool.
  3. Enjoy your first 1GB image space for $4.99/mo, or upgrade to more space starting at $6.95/month for 5GB.
  4. Select which products you would like to offer and set prices (how much money would you like to make?)
  5. Upload photos per folder, password protection optional
  6. Post App on your Facebook business page and share gallery with your clients. They purchase the products they want.
  7. Transfer profits to your bank account!

*No need for a merchant account, orders are automatically processed through a professional lab and sent directly to your clients.

Pricing for the MorePhotos Facebook App:
12% processing fee on profits to cover the transaction expenses including credit card processing fees.
Drive Space: 1 Gig image space for 4.99/month, additional space starting at $6.95/month for 5GB of total space.

You can upgrade/downgrade image space as needed at any time.
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