Make Money On Facebook Now
Upload full resolution images, display only thumbnails, and sell, all through your Facebook page.

  • Start now with 1GB of image space only $4.99 and you can cancel at any time.
  • Protect Your Images! – When you share your images with the MorePhotos app, you maintain full ownership.
  • Watermark your images to deter unauthorized usage.
  • Create different Price Sheets so you can sell different types of photography at different prices.
  • “Tag” your clients in photos.
  • See who visited your Galleries.
  • Upload from Adobe Lightroom (with our included Lightroom plugin).

You take the photos and upload them to the App then share the gallery, your clients view and purchase products, including Digital Downloads if you include them in your pricesheet.

Looking for help selling your photos on Facebook? Check out the ideas on our “Sales Ideas” page

The MorePhotos facebook app is the answer to one of the number one trends of how to make money online.


Below you will find an example of how the application can look when placed into your facebook business page or your own website. You will be able to add your own logo and choose your own colors.

THIS IS A LIVE SAMPLE – not just a demonstration version.

DO NOT PLACE ORDERS HERE or you will be BILLED for the product you order, and you will RECEIVE your order!

The above is a sample only

There is no extra charge to post the app to an outside page such as a blog or personalized site. Your Facebook visitors will then see YOUR logo and colors and be limited to viewing/purchasing YOUR images! Don’t have a Facebook Page? Click Here to Create One Now!