The MorePhotos Facebook App gives you the opportunity to try your talents as a brand new photographer and allows a full time photographer the ability to expand their market into the Facebook arena.

Are you looking for help? Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Are you the head of a group or part of one?
Are you involved in a Youth Group, a church, or a club of any kind?

You can use our app to raise funds for your group (even non-profits) – right on the group’s Facebook page
By doing this, you are doing two things, first you are documenting the group event, and second you are making the group some money. You simply use the app to post the pictures and then allow your page visitors to buy pictures from the event on products they are sure to enjoy because they created them. Funneling the proceeds from the sales of photo products right back to the fundraiser, without placing the soul burden on you, then becomes very easy.

Are you involved with a traveling sports team, a Chamber of Commerce, or a Camera Club?
Do you have kids in sports and a nice camera?

Then you can use the app to sell for the school or club events
How about using the app to make some money and give you something to do at the same time. It will make your day go by much faster and it could help offset your traveling costs while being a lot of fun. How about the social factor, you will get to know more people and who knows, at the end of your kids time in sports, you may have found a new calling.

Here’s another idea:  The money made on the event could go to the PTA or to the club’s latest pet project. As long as the school or club has a Facebook page photos can be sold through it. Then just share gallery to that page to let people know new photos have been posted. Now watch the sales start.

Do you teach Photography or just want to see how easy it is to sell your work?

Sell Portrait or Event Photos
Use the App to post your portraits online for resale. You and your client just need a FaceBook account. Your clients purchase anything from a 4×6 to an iPhone cover using your photos at the profit margin you set.

Wedding photographers can create “Save the date” style magnets.
Simply create an image that includes all of the information you want on the magnet, then upload it and you can sell the magnets. That way the new couple does not have to buy them all, the guests can choose to buy them for themselves.

Do you want to try out the photo business?

With this app, we take the hassle out of starting a photo business.
We will take your payments for you, we do the printing and we ship directly to your clients, all with your name on it.
With lots of different products ranging from photos, coffee mugs, magnets, posters, canvas prints, greeting cards, and much more… we have what you are looking for.

Your Next Idea Here
If you have any more ideas on how this app can be used, let us know. We would love to add it to our list.

Does this app work for stock photography sales?

It sure does.
The hardest work will be in the marketing of your Facebook page to let everyone know you have your stunning images for sale.

With that in mind:

Are you selling your photos at art fairs already?
This will make a great extension to your marketing plans with an easy way to offer your print after the fair and stay in contact with your customers as well.

If you are also posting events with the app, you will have some opportunity to turn these people on to your art. It is always a numbers game the more people that know what you do the better chance you have to get them as a customer.

If you are only selling stock images, here is a couple of ideas to get rolling.
Create a post card with some of your finest work and mail them off to Interior Designers, Architects, Commercial Banks, Doctors’ offices ETC.

See a new office type building going up? They need Art for Their Walls!
See a new bank being built! Put together a profile of some amazing photos from around your area, the pitch how cool would it be if your customers felt like you are not just part of the community now you a brace it also.  One of the banks I go to have photos 80 to 100 years ago on the wall from the area, opportunity to do a before and after and display them next to each other.

Donate one to a charity auction, stick around and meet the person that bought it and autograph it for them. This will make a nice touch and get people to know you and your work.

The bottom line?

This app is a great way to show your talent with very little cost.

It is a great way for a new photographer to be sure they have the EYE for photography and the ability to be able to build a photography business as well as being a great way for the already established pro to use the power of Facebook to expand their reach.


Start expanding your market using the MorePhotos Facebook App now