Pick Your Products.  Set Your Markup.  Sell Your Photos.

Our Mission:
Harness the POWER of Social Marketing
Sell your photos on Facebook and showcase your Talent!
Protect the value and security of YOUR images while maintaining full image quality and rights.


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Photographers can upload full resolution images, display only thumbnails, and sell, all through their Facebook business page.

  • Start now with 1GB of image space free! – No credit card required.
  • Protect Your Images! – When you share your images with the MorePhotos app, you maintain full ownership.
  • You can watermark your images with personalized watermarks to deter unauthorized usage of them.
  • Create different Price Sheets so you can sell different types of photography at different prices.
  • You can “Tag” your photos like Facebook does
  • You can see who visited your Galleries
  • You can upload your Photos right from Adobe Lightroom (with our included Lightroom plugin)

You take the photos and upload them to the App then share the gallery, your clients view and purchase products, including Digital Downloads if you include them in your pricesheet.